The Best Places To Snow Kite

A common question we hear is, "where are the best places to use my snow kite?" No matter where you go in the world, the commercial ski pistes will be the obvious places to ride, but depending on your experience they aren't always the best places to start.

If you are a beginner, then farmland in winter is very often a great place to start. The snow covered fields provide you with a playground to get a feel for things. Make sure you ask permission first from the land owner.

More confident riders will want to go straight in to the hills and mountains. Here is where snow kiting comes into its own. Owning a snowkite is like having a personal ski lift, enabling you to ride uphill and beat the queues. Hills and mountains require a bit more skill to safely navigate and the rougher the terrain, the more tricky things can get. So before heading up the mountain be sure to be prepared and ideally go out with a more experienced group of riders.  

1. Norway

Snow Kite In Norway

A country full of valleys, deep fjords, high mountains, glaciers and frozen lakes covered in thick snow. Truly, a snowkiter’s paradise. Norway offers unlimited snowkite spots with a varying terrain that makes it perfect for various snowkite disciplines. Most of the spots are very accessible thanks to the great infrastructure and management of the snowscapes. The downside of this snowkite destination is the expense. In comparison to other destinations Norway is relatively expensive.

One of the most famous locations is the big plateau named Hardangervida. This is where one of the most extreme snowkite events takes place: the Red Bull Ragnarok.

2. Iceland

Snow Kite In Iceland

Iceland is known for its majestic landscapes, sprawling tundra’s, glaciers, the Northern Lights and its geothermal lagoons. Langjökull is the destination of choice for snowkiters. Here you will be able to join regular snow kite tours of the second largest ice cap in Europe. With it's strong winds and the astonishing backdrop of volcanic mountains, Iceland offers some of the best snowkiting terrain in the world. However, like visiting Norway, this unique snowkiting experience will likely cost more than a visit to some of the other snowkite destinations.

3. Switzerland

Snow Kite In Switzerland

The extraordinary mountains with wide, flat meadows, high quality resorts and central location make Switzerland one of the favorite European snowkite countries. The country is very accessible, but still offers remote snowkiting possibilities in the Alps. With both north and south facing slopes, Switzerland provides spots for all wind directions. One of the best locations to go snowkiting is the Simplon pass. On no wind days there are plenty of alternative activities to do in Switzerland.

4. Montenegro

Snow Kite In Montenegro

If you're on a budget then Montenegro is a relatively inexpensive destination. The country delivers some fascinating landscapes with incredible snowkite spots such as in Zabljak, where you'll be able to book lessons and tours. Since Montenegro is quiet new amongst snowkite destinations, there’s a lot of snow for a few people. For those who prefer an affordable yet, beautiful snowkite destination, make sure to have a look at Montenegro.

5. France

Snow Kite In France

Like Switzerland, France is very accessible for most European countries and offers some perfect snowkite spots such as the Lautaret pass and Petit St Bernard in view of Mont Blanc. Unlike the previous countries, France is relatively cheap with regards to food, accommodation and alternative activities. Even though the snowkite spots are well known among snowkiters, France provides all you can ask for to have good time.

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