Twister + Bazik Board Package
Twister + Bazik Board Package
Twister + Bazik Board Package
Twister + Bazik Board Package
Twister + Bazik Board Package
Twister + Bazik Board Package
Twister + Bazik Board Package
Twister + Bazik Board Package
Twister + Bazik Board Package
Twister + Bazik Board Package
Twister + Bazik Board Package
Twister + Bazik Board Package

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Twister + Bazik Board Package

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The Ultimate High-Performance Land Board Package

The Peter Lynn Twister is the ultimate air-time champion when it comes to 4-line traction kites. Combine this kite with the heavy duty Bazik and you'll have everything you need to practice speed runs along the coast or jumps and tricks off sloping hillsides.

If you want to be able to go our on all terrains (particularly soft sand), then we recommend you opt for the 9 Inch ultra-grip wheels. If speed is you're thing then the Kheo race tyres is your recommended choice. Generally speaking handles are a more responsive and agile control system to use that is good for those wanting to do jumps and tricks, however a control bar will give you more stability and relieve your arms of some of the physical strain - which is good for those who enjoy cruising.

What's Included:

  • Twister Kite
    (i.e. handles and lines are included as standard, control bar is optional).
  • Twister Kite Bag
  • Twister Manual
  • Kheo Bazik V3
  • (Deck is made from 9 Ply Canadian Maple, 2 ply Fibreglass).
  • Kheo Coil Leash
  • Bazik Manual
  • Manufacturer Warranties



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Is This Package Designed For?

This package is for intermediate level traction kite action, particularly for those looking to do jumps and air tricks. Beginners should opt for a smaller version of the Twister, whilst experienced power kiters might prefer a larger model. The Twister is versatile and a highly dependable in a variety of conditions. The Bazik is a high performance board that offers more than enough pop and flex to get air and land comfortably, perfectly matching the characteristics of the Twister.

2. What's The Difference Between Using Handles And A Control Bar?

The Twister can be used with either handles or a control bar. Generally speaking handles will allow the pilot to turn the kite faster and more accurately than when using a control bar. Handles are a popular control system for buggy riders on  kites such as this, however control bar riders will find flying the kite less strenuous on the body meaning they usually can stay out for longer than handle pilots and in a wider variety of flying conditions. 

3. What Colours Can I Choose?

These kites come in a range of colours, depending on which size model you select. 

The Twister colour/size options are:

2m | 5m = Orange + Petrol 
3m | 6m = Green + Petrol
4m = Yellow + Petrol

4. What's The Difference Between 8 Inch and 9 Inch Wheel-Sets?

8 Inch race wheels are the standard option for this mountain board. They are designed for using in race conditions on solid ground, where speed is the aim. The larger, nine inch, ultra-grip wheels allow for better grip on more challenging off-road terrain.

5. What's The Difference Between Some Of The Other Boards You Sell?

In terms of the boards; the Kicker V3 is a great all-terrain entry level board, the Epic is a lightweight race board, the Flyer an extremely agile board recommended especially with the Twister for those looking to do air stunts and the Bazik V3, a high performance mountain board for experienced riders.

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6 Month Manufacturer Warranty

All products from Power Kite UK come with a full 6-month manufacture warranty as well as one year of Kite Care+.

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