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All-Round Flying Set

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Flying sets provide all the lines and control gear you need to get a fixed bridled foil / traction kite in the air. As they don't include the kite itself, these sets are great for when your lines are looking tired, handles a little ragged and when you feel your existing kite could do with an upgrade.

Peter Lynn produces flying sets for three different flying styles; Freestyle, Race and All-Round. This is the All-Round Flying set, which is ergonomically designed to suit a wide variety of kite flyers and conditions. 

The All-Round Flying set includes:

  • 4-line Allround handles
  • 4x 200/100kg lines (Small Model)
  • Groundstake

Depending on whether you select the smaller set (recommended when using smaller foils) or the larger set (recommended when using larger foils) will determine the length of lines included. These are 17.5m long for the small set and 20m long for the large set.