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Peter Lynn Quad Kite Flying Lines (300/150Kg)

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Peter Lynn quad kite flying lines come in a range of lengths and weights. Kites with lines of lesser weight (smaller diameter) create less drag in the air, which enhances speed, agility and performance when flying. However there will be times, when you'll want to choose heavier lines that have the strength to copy with the power being generated particularly from larger kites.

These kite lines are Peter Lynn's "mid  weight" option, suitable for:

  • Peter Lynn Hornet
  • Peter Lynn Twister
  • Peter Lynn Reactor
  • Peter Lynn Voltage
  • Peter Lynn Vapor

The length of kite line you choose, will affect the range of wind conditions you'll want to be using them in. Generally speaking, shorter lines generate more power from the kite and increase agility, but will reduce your ability to fly for longer extended periods in really windy conditions.

Woven with a tight, square braid and treated with a special heating process, this line is highly resistant to abrasion, water absorption and stretching. Stretch resistance increases the performance and direct handling of the kite's power and is a crucial consideration when choosing your lines.

To "lock" the line all Peter Lynn line sets are sleeved, stitched and then uniquely re-stretched to 70% of the breaking strain at their own factory. Because of this, you won't need to adjust or re-stretch them after your first outing. Line sets colour coded for easy recognition and come on winders making them easy to store.

What's Included:

  • 2x 300kg Steering Lines + Winder
  • 2x 150kg Brake Lines + Winder

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