Twister-Peter Lynn-Power Kite UK
Twister-Peter Lynn-Power Kite UK
Twister-Peter Lynn-Power Kite UK
Twister-Peter Lynn-Power Kite UK
Twister-Peter Lynn-Power Kite UK

Peter Lynn


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A Renowned "Big-Air" Jumping Kite

Getting air is awesome! And to put that power in your hands Peter Lynn have made the Twister. The Peter Lynn Twister is the undisputed airtime champion in the fixed bridle arena and has been putting smiles on the faces of adrenaline junkies all over the world for almost a decade. Its renowned jumping ability combined with its direct controls offer any ambitious pilot a great airtime machine with more than enough power to lift your powerkiting to new levels. It features a mid to high aspect ratio which makes it fast and powerful while its performance profiles ensure maximum control and performance. Looking for airtime? Send in the Twister!

What's Included:

  • Twister kite
  • Twister bag
  • 4-line handles or 4-line control bar
  • Colour coded, durable Dyneema® flying lines with stitched sleeves
  • Wrist Leash Safety system ("Kite Killers")
  • Ground stake
  • 4-line bridled foil manual
  • Manufacturer Warranty




  • 3.0m in Charcoal - Green 
  • 4.0m in Charcoal - Orange 
  • 5.5m in Charcoal - Aqua
  • 7.5m in Charcoal- Green 

Wind Range

Twister Kite Wind Range

Recommended Bar Size + Line Length

Twister Peter Lynn Bar Size Line Length

Kite Characteristics:

Large Windrange
It flies easy in light winds so getting tuned in to the kites behaviour can be done safely and with confidence. Once you got the basics down, you can turn up the power by flying it in higher winds, where its awesome potential will truly start to shine. Besides being the ultimate 4-line foil for kite jumping, the Twister will also provide you with plenty of power to get going in a buggy or on a board.

Good Lift
With this latest model, we tuned up the performance without compromising its accessible character. The Twister flies easier than its predecessors but at the same time delivers more bang than any other kite in its league. In fact, the Twister is a whole league of its own.

Amazing Stability
As kite jumping is an extreme sport, the Twister was designed to be as stable and reliable as possible. The Twister’s innovative design retains the awesome flight characteristics the series is famous for, while at the same time minimizing the chance of luffing or collapsing.

Smooth And Predictable Power Delivery
There are no sudden increases in power when you fly the kite through the wind window. The well thought through profiles make the kite incredibly clean and aerodynamic in flight. The minimized bridle pattern reduces drag to the bare minimum, resulting in a very efficient and predictable wing.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Is This Kite Designed For?

The Twister is suitable for land boarding and buggying. The Twister is a a highly  versatile intermediate level traction kite, particularly for those looking to do jumps and air tricks. 

2. What's The Difference Between Using Handles And A Control Bar?

The Twister can be used with either handles or a control bar. Generally speaking handles will allow the pilot to turn the kite faster and more accurately, than when using a control bar. Handles are a popular control system for buggy riders and jumpers on  kites such as this, however control bar riders will find flying the kite less strenuous on the body meaning they usually can stay out for longer than handle pilots and in a wider variety of flying conditions. 

3. What Colours Can I Choose?

These kites come in a range of colours, depending on which size model you select. 

The Hornet colour/size options are:

3m | 7.5m = Charcoal + Lime
4m = Charcoal + Orange
5.5m = Charcoal + Blue


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We also ship to all other EU Countries, within 7 working days of an order being placed. Free delivery rules apply as per UK orders.


6 Month Manufacturer Warranty

All products from Power Kite UK come with a full 6-month manufacture warranty as well as one year of Kite Care+.

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