Twister + Drifter Buggy Package
Twister + Drifter Buggy Package
Twister + Drifter Buggy Package
Twister + Drifter Buggy Package
Twister + Drifter Buggy Package
Twister + Drifter Buggy Package
Twister + Drifter Buggy Package
Twister + Drifter Buggy Package

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Twister + Drifter Buggy Package

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The Ultimate Freestyle Kite Buggying Package

The Peter Lynn Twister is the ultimate air-time champion when it comes to 4-line traction kites. Combine this kite with the timeless Drifter buggy design and you have a package that will buy you endless hours doing stunts and getting big air on beaches, grass and tarmac.

If you want to be able to go our on all terrains (particularly soft sand), then we recommend you opt for the extra-wide wheel setup. Generally speaking handles are a more responsive and agile control system to use when piloting a kite buggy, however if you are less interested in tricks and more excited about the prospect of going out on long cruises down the beach then a control bar can help you last the distance in a variety of changing wind conditions.

What's Included:

  • Twister Kite
    (i.e. handles and lines are included as standard, control bar is optional).
  • Twister Kite Bag
  • Twister Manual
  • Peter Lynn Drifter Buggy
  • Drifter Manual
  • 6 Month Manufacturer Warranties



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Is This Package Designed For?

This package is for those just getting started with kite buggying. The Twister is  serious 4-line traction kite suitable for land boarding, buggying and even snow kiting. It is versatile and a highly dependable in a variety of conditions. The Drifter is strong, well-balanced and probably the only buggy you'll ever need if your intention is freestyle recreation.

2. What's The Difference Between Using Handles And A Control Bar?

The Twister can be used with either handles or a control bar. Generally speaking handles will allow the pilot to turn the kite faster and more accurately than when using a control bar. Handles are a popular control system for buggy riders on  kites such as this, however control bar riders will find flying the kite less strenuous on the body meaning they usually can stay out for longer than handle pilots and in a wider variety of flying conditions. 

3. What Colours Can I Choose?

These kites come in a range of colours, depending on which size model you select. 

The Twister colour/size options are:

3m | 7.5m = Charcoal + Lime
4m = Charcoal + Orange
5.5m = Charcoal + Blue

4. What Is The Difference Between The Rally and The Drifter Buggy?

The frame of the Rally is made from galvanised powder-coated steel, whilst the drifter is made from stainless steel - meaning the Drifter has a frame slightly more resistant to corrosion from moisture, sea air and sand - a good option as it'll likely be the first and only buggy you'll ever need. That said, the difference between the two is small and the Rally is offered at a lower price point.

5. How Long Does This Buggy Take To Set-Up

We've timed people who have no experience of setting up a kite buggy before on this equipment. Setting up this buggy should take no longer than 10 minutes.

6. What's The Difference Between The Standard and Extra-Wide Tyres?

Standard tyres Size will be appropriate for the majority of us. They work really well on most terrain, apart from soft sand.

Wide tyres are heavier and will initially slow you down but their advantage is greater lateral traction, that creates better stability, upwind capability and it is possible to glide over soft sand. 

7. Do you sell spare parts and add-ons such as wide rear axels?

We're working to be able to sell spare parts directly on our website in future, but for the time being we can instead out them on special order for you over the phone. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

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6 Month Manufacturer Warranty

All products from Power Kite UK come with a full 6-month manufacture warranty as well as one year of Kite Care+.

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